Keep memberscoming back.

Fitness staff can now provide meaningful member support

Connect with all your members in minutes; even when they're not in the gym

Engagement is the secret to maximising retention

Those who visit more, stay.

Bodireel increases gym attendance and improves member retention


1/2 of all members say that getting help from fitness staff to achieve their goals gives gym membership satisfaction.


78% of members who visit the gym 3 times/week in first month renew their membership.

Members want help to get results

To improve retention you must engage with members who aren't sticking to their exercise plan.

Customer service is more than being friendly or actively involved; communicate directly and with members about the specifics of their training.

Join the Bodireel platform

Broadcast messages

to every member

Track the progress of

members and adherence

to programs

Send private

messages of support &


Deliver digital inductions &

health checks

Send members

personalised training

programs via the cloud

Record and store

PAR-Qs digitally

What our users say

Owner, Beatbox

Dave Cahill

❝Our members love it! Bodireel has become an instrumental part of the service we offer to every gym member. The fitness staff rely on it to make sure members get the most out of their membership and encourage them to keep working towards their goals. I can’t think how we used to manage without it.❞

Personal Trainer

Michelle Brewster

❝Bodireel is the perfect platform for fitness professionals to program and support clients. The 3D animation videos make it easy for clients to understand the exercises I give them. I can monitor activity and track their results. I can instantly communicate with clients via the platform to provide accountability, give support and help them achieve results.❞

Bodireel User

Claire Turner

❝This app has made a huge difference in my life. Bodireel has already changed the way I workout and in 2 months I've seen results. Having the fitness staff set me challenging workouts and make sure I do them really helps. I don't think I could have done this without them. It's a great way to get in shape.❞

They're still a memberwhen they leaveyour door.

Less than the cost of one membership.

Little commitment. Easy to use and simple to learn.

Easily accessed from desktop, tablet or smartphone.



(12 months)

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